Fundraiser Held For Mansfield Child With Rare Disease

  • 8/19/2017 5:15:08 PM
  • Kelly Stobie
  • Local News

LUCAS, OH - A Mansfield family held a fundraiser today to raise money for their daughter, Joycelyn, and for research to help find a cure for Joycelyn's condition.

Joycelyn Thigpen suffers from Non-Ketotic-Hyperglycinemia (NKH), a metabolic disease that causes the body to be unable to break down glycine. In addition to not being able to walk or speak to others, the disease also causes Joycelyn to have developmental delays, difficulty eating, weak muscle tone, seizures, sleepiness, and difficulty breathing.

Some of the money raised at Saturday's fundraiser will go toward turning the Thigpen's van into a handicap-accessible vehicle. The rest will be put toward finding a cure.

According to Odelia Thigpen, Joycelyn's mother, "There's just not enough research being done to help these kids have a better life."

Saturday's fundraiser, taking place at the Lucas Community Center until 10 pm, features live music, a silent auction, psychic readings, and more.

Odelia Thigpen went on to say, "We're just really blessed by all the support in the community and surrounding areas."

If you wish to learn more about Joycelyn, search for Joycelyn's Journey on Facebook.


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