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www.wvno.com - Cameras capture a construction blast outside a church that nearly became a demolition job.

Huge Boulder Just Misses Slamming Into Church

Story By: Larry Stine



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Cameras capture a construction blast outside a church that nearly became a demolition job. A pastor says it was devine intervention that kept the church from being damaged. Here's video of the close call. Watch the boulder. "That's not good." So close to the church. "Missed it by one foot." Just a few inches separating a quirky story from a disaster. "If it had rolled another 12 inches it would've went right through the building," says Pastor Rick LeClair. "And this boulder was probably 20 tons." Rick LeClair is pastor of the Grace Ministries Church on Main Street. An excavation company is clearing land next door, and their removal of some rock this week nearly moved a heck of a lot more. "We were standing across the street going, 'Uh-oh. There it goes.'" LeClair said. "I was thinking the church was going to get wrecked, but I had this peace about me where it really wasn't going to get wrecked." Rick is, of course, a religious man. He's got a feeling there was something divine about all of this. ""The Lord just kinda said, 'That's enough,'" LeClair said. Grace Ministries, you see, feeds thousands of out-of-the-food pantry at the church, folks in the community count on this place and it was almost lost. "It would have probably closed us down, but it didn't," he said. Everybody around the whole neighborhood and working on the site were under the same kind of agreement that the Lord intervened. Crews spent three hours chipping the boulder into smaller pieces Friday to remove it from the area around the church.

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