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www.wvno.com - The disappearance of MH-370 is one of aviation's greatest mysteries. And for the families of those who were on board, it's been an agonizing wait.

Agonizing Wait For Families Of Passengers Of MH-370

Story By: Larry Stine



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  The disappearance of MH-370 is one of aviation's greatest mysteries.
  And for the families of those who were on board, it's been an agonizing wait.
  CNN's Will Ripley reports.
  Anger is growing for the families of Malaysian Airlines Flight  MH-370.
  Demanding this meeting with Chinese transport officials.
  "You just say whatever you want!" she says.
  More than 500 days on, they're tired of crying, tired of waiting, waiting that's not over, even if debris suspected to be from the missing plane offers new clues.
  "Just that if it is from MH-370 but it doesn't mean anything more, you know it still can not help you to find the plane and it still can not help you find the truth about what happened or why," says Steve Wang.
  Steve Wang hasn't spoken his mother's name since the day she and 238 others disappeared.
  Wang keeps her photo private, along with her last message, asking him to bring her coat to the airport.
  "Do you still listen to the voice-mail she left you?" asks CNN's Will Ripley.
  "Sometimes, sometimes," Steve Wang replies.
  "When did you listen to it last?" Ripley asks.
  "Wednesday evening," Wang says.
  "You listened to it on Wednesday when you heard about the debris," Ripley asks.
  "Yeah," Wang says.
  New evidence washing ashore on Reunion Island forces families to face a new wave of agony.
  "I feel so sorry for my two grandsons. What have they done wrong?" asks Zhang Meiling.
 China's one child policy allowed Zhang and her husband just one daughter who was flying home with their only son-in-law.
  "Not a minute has passed without me thinking of them," she says.
  Zhang says she once tried getting information at the Malaysian Airlines office.
  Police detained her for eight hours.
  More than 150 Chinese were on MH-370.
  China's Communist Party discourages families from gathering and protesting as they did after the plane vanished.
  The assistance center in Beijing is closed.
  "What do you need?" asks Ripley.
  "The truth," Steve Wang answers.
  Wang says the discovery of suspected MH-370 debris doesn't bring closure.
  "I think the only closure would come at the time when they find the plane, and find everybody, and find the truth," Wang says.
  His biggest fear?
  The search will slow, the spotlight will fade and the families of 239 people will beleft as they are today.
  Still waiting.

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