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www.wvno.com - We're learning more about Mohammed Emwazi, the British man identified by U.S. officials as the brutal ISIS militant, "Jihadi John."

Jihadi John, Revealing Emails Go Public

Story By: Larry Stine



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  We're learning more about Mohammed Emwazi, the British man identified by U.S. officials as the brutal ISIS militant, "Jihadi John."

  As CNN Senior International Correspondent Nic Robertson reports, newly-released emails snow Emwazi once considered suicide.

  Emails from Jihadi John, Mohammed Emwazi.

  "I'm like a dead man walking, fearing that one day I will take as many pills as I can so I can sleep forever," sent to a British journalist in December, 2010.

  It was published this weekend in the UK's Daily Mail newspaper.

  "In the email, Emwazi tells journalist Robert Verkaik that he wants to sell his laptop," says CNN's Nic Robertson. "Than he brings it to the station here to meet a buyer. The buyer pays for it with cash without even checking it out and then says to him 'nice doing business with you Mohammed.'  Emwazi says he never told the buyer his first name and immediately decided the must have been working for British intelligence."

  Islamist activist group Cage also released a slew of emails it shows are from Emwazi.

  They too paint a picture of a man hounded by British intelligence, this, his account of alleged questioning by security officials in June, 2010.

  "He grabbed on to my t-shirt and threw me to the wall.  All this was happening to me while the officers sat down casually, not stopping or doing anything. I was having difficulty breathing. He finally let go of my neck," according to Cage's emails dating to June, 2010.

  Emwazi's problems began on a safari trip to Tanzania in 2009 when British intelligence first questioned him.

  "You know, we should be very clear that's not where the story begins," says Rashad Ali, CENTRI Director. "There are reports of his people who went to school with him that are saying that he was not just very anti-Israeli but actually anti-Semitic, he was very anti-Jewish, so there are signs there that actually has more radical and extreme perspectives, well before any engagement with authorities." 

  Rashad Ali works, countering radical narratives and says Emwazi had ties to the failed July 21, 2005 bombings in London.

  Just one of several worrying Jihadi links.

  "There are phone call connections with those individuals on the exact day of the attack," Alis says. "It would have been the first sign they would be interested but also more than that. That he was traveling with people who wanted to go and join al-Shabaab that was what the intelligence said and that's what actually proved to be true afterwards."

  That's Al Shabaab, the Al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia.

  "Court documents quoted in the British media indicate UK officials believe Emwazi was part of a group of radical Islamists known as the The North London Boys," Robertson says. "They were providing funding and equipment for the Al Qaeda fledgling group in Somalia that he was also, according to the British media, part of a criminal gang robbing the wealthy residents West London."

  Emwazi, not the innocent victim his and Cage's emails seek.

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