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www.wvno.com - A surfer is recovering in the hospital after he lost his leg in a shark attack in Hawaii. Alex Cerbal spoke with the first bystanders who helped him after the terrifying incident.

Surfer Loses Leg In Shark Attack, Recovering In Hawaii

Story By: Larry Stine



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  A surfer is recovering in the hospital after he lost his leg in a shark attack in Hawaii.
  Alex Cerbal spoke with the first bystanders who helped him after the terrifying incident.
  "You can see where the reef kind of starts over there. He was screaming just to this side of him 'shark' and 'help.' "
  Drew Zarba was at the Leftovers Beach on Oahu's north shore when he saw a surfer screaming for help after he was bitten by a shark.
  "He was being pulled out of water right here," Xarba says. "The guy with a surfboard was right here, I grabbed the surfboard from him and I laid it down right here as he was pulling his leash off."
  He showed me where the surfer was brought to shore and said they used a surfboard leash to put a tournaquet on his thigh.
  Friends of the 25-year-old surfer say his name is Colin Cook, who lives on Oahu.
  "What did he say when he was finally able to speak," asks reporter   Alex Cerbal.
  "He said three things," Zarba said. "How is my leg? I'm thirsty and where is the ambulance?"
  "A group of people saw the surfer after he was attacked and they rushed to his aid," reporter Alex Cerbal says. "One of them tells me they put him on the surfboard and they brought him right here to the highway and this is where ambulance came and picked him up."
  "That patient suffered critical injuries to his left knee, to his left leg I should say, and he suffered some abrasions, lost likely trying to fend off the shark," says Shayne Enright, Honolulu Emergency Medical Services Department Spokeswoman.
  People on the beach tell me they were about to go in the water when they saw people helping Cook.
  "At first I thought it was a red board shorts, but it was actually a lot of blood that the guy lost," said one female,
  "He was not walking, all of his buddies were surrounding him and helping him out of the water. He was kind of limping, kind of what we saw," said another female.
  The EMS says the group's quick actions ultimately helped save the surfer's life.
  "He never lost consciousness, he had pulse the whole time, he was breathing the whole time, he was clearly in shock," said one female witness.
  Colin Cook's family says doctors had to amputate most of his leg.
  His cousin says Cook is now in stable condition and in good spirits.
  Witnesses estimate the shark was up to 12-feet long.

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